• Answer two of the biggest question’s retirees face.

    1) Can I retire?

    2) If so, how much can I draw without running out of money?

  • See your retirement income, down to the month, net of tax, for the next 30+ years.

  • Implement the three principles that govern proper retirement planning.

  • Tell your retirement story before it even happens.

Transitioning from income from employment to self-directed income can seem overwhelming. When you keep your accumulation tools, like a pie-chart, and try and use them for distribution, it can easily feel like a guessing game. You’ve probably been using an accumulation strategy your whole life… doesn’t it make sense that once you retire and the flow of money changes, the rules of investing change?

At Decker Retirement Planning, we understand the headache of the guessing game that a pie chart brings. That is why we developed A Safer Distribution Plan™. With these proprietary algorithms, we can mathematically show you how much you can spend each year, down to the month, net of tax, for as long as you live. We also include a cost-of-living-adjustment so you can keep up with inflation.

Many come in, run the numbers, and find out that they can retiree years earlier than expected and receive more money! Don’t waste time by waiting for this critical information. Don’t guess your way through retirement. Come in for a no-cost visit, let us run your numbers, and show you what A Safer Distribution Plan™ can do for you!