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The Decker Approach
A Common Sense Approach To Retirement Planning

Principles That Govern Proper Retirement Planning
Why a fiduciary should help create your plan.

The Secure Act
What You Need To Do

The Greatest Gift
Outline Your Wishes With An Estate Plan

Tax Strategies for Retirement
Buckets Create Tax Choices

Take Charge Of Your Taxes
Knowledge You Need For Proactive Planning

The Social Security Decisions
What, When, Who and How?

Riding Market Highs
Take Action How To Help Preserve During Times Of Future Market Volatility

Just How Safe An Insurance Company Really?
An Inside Look At The Insurance Industry & The Regulations That Keep It In Check

Embrace’s Life Potential
The Power Of Index Interest Crediting

Don’t Let Health Care Expenses Derail Your Retirement
Maintaining Health Could Cost More Than You Expect

Are You Paying Too Much Taxes In Retirement?
How A Retirement Income Analysis Can Help You Blunt The Tax Bite In Retirement