Two things are unavoidable… Death and Taxes. If we take care of our health, we may be able to delay death with a longer, healthier life. If we plan to minimize our taxes strategically, we may be able to save you many thousands per years in taxes throughout retirement.

When you think of taxes, you may be thinking of the tax consequences during the most recent year and what can be done about them. You then host your yearly meeting with your CPAs, dot the “I’s” and cross the “T’s” to make sure you are square with the IRS, and continue on with your life. At Decker Retirement Planning, we implement tax minimization strategies you can benefit this year, next year, in five years, and for the many years to come after. Just like you wouldn’t plan your income one year at a time, you should not plan your tax consequences year by year. There is a better way.

If tax rates are relatively low, historically speaking, and government debt is at historically high levels, what do you think will happen with taxes? Doesn’t it make sense to be more proactive of your potential tax burdens in future years, especially when it seems like rates could go up?

At Decker Retirement Planning, we incorporate detailed tax minimization strategies that can save six to seven figures throughout retirement. From IRA to Roth conversions, RMD analysis, proprietary tax burden minimization strategies, and more, we have been able to help show individuals their tax rights and options, help pay significantly less in taxes, and help avoid the many tax traps retirees face.

This conversation alone is worth a visit to see how you can have better control of your tax future and enjoy A Safer Retirement™.