Benefits of A Safer Retirement™

Lower Your Risk

Lower Your Fees

Minimize Your Taxes

Increase Transparency

Increase Plan Flexibility

Increase Your Income

Retirement is when you are not financially bound to work anymore. You are your own boss and you decide how you will spend your time. From the day you opened your first bank account to the celebratory day of retirement, blood, sweat, and tears went in to your working, saving, and accumulating assets. Having the right plan for you leads to enjoying the right retirement for you.

The three principles that govern proper retirement planning: 

  • Principle 1: Never Draw Income From A Fluctuating Account
  • Principle 2: Diversify Your Investments By Purpose, Not Just Risk
  • Principle 3: Plan With A Distribution Plan, Not An Accumulation “Pie Chart” Plan

In transition from the accumulation phase to the distribution phase of your life, it is critical to follow the three main principles that govern proper retirement planning. When these rules are implemented correctly, you set yourself up for more transparency, more flexibility, and most of all, more income to be enjoyed throughout retirement. Many try and put a square peg in a round hole by investing as if they were in the accumulation phase and use toxic guidance like the 4% Rule to distribute assets. These manipulative strategies can significantly hurt you and your finances. With a general willingness to put in some work and follow the three principles that govern retirement planning, you too can enjoy A Safer Retirement™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have A Question?
We understand thinking about retirement can raise a lot of questions, we are here to help.
Here are a few of the most common questions we get.

We want to set realistic expectations in regards to the current financial markets conditions, understand your unique wants and needs for your retirement, and answer any outstanding questions you may have in regards to retirement.

It depends upon the complexity of the case, but normally it takes about five to nine meetings to cover the lifetime income, tax minimization, asset protection, risk reduction, and estate planning parts of the process. Our goal is to make sure your plan is right for you.

There are three fees:

  1. Planning fee – This is a one-time fee to cover the costs associated with putting your plan together.  There is no obligation or fee associated with the initial visit.
  2. Money Management fee
     – If you want us to manage your risk money, we charge 1.4% for that service. However, we only charge on the “risk money” and not on the principal guarantee money. Most people see an 80% reduction in fees.
  3. Commission: We receive placement commissions for CDs, Bonds, Insurance Products, and other similar products. Placement fees do not affect your principal or account balance, but we feel that as fiduciaries, we must be transparent in all that we do.

A fiduciary is held to a higher moral and ethical standard than a salesperson at the bank or brokerage firm. A fiduciary is required to put their client’s best interest in front of the company’s best interest. To put it simply, if you were to seek out advice on what and how you should eat, would you see a dietician or a butcher? That is not to say that a butcher is a bad person… it means you should work with someone who can recommend any and all the options available to you. A butcher will sell you meat. A dietician can recommend meat as well as vegetables, vitamins, fruit, grains, and so much more. The problem is many people think they are getting financial advice from a “dietician” when in reality, they are talking to their local “butcher”.

Former SEC Chairman, Art Levitt, said that “if you have more than $50,000 to invest you should fire your broker (Butcher) and find an advisor (dietician).” – Levitt, Arthur, and Paula Dwyer. Take on the Street: How to Fight for Your Financial Future. New York: Vintage, 2003

Warren Buffet said “The broker is NOT your friend. He’s more like a doctor who charges patients on how often they change medicines. And he gets paid far more for the stuff the house is promoting than the stuff that will make you better.”

We are pure-bred fiduciaries on purpose and by design. There are no dual hat disclosures or smoke and mirrors in our practice. We are a math-based, principle-based retirement planning firm dedicated to the distribution phase of your life. We are specialists that are legally bound to do what is in your best interest, and we do this mathematically.

Call us at (855) 425-4566 or click HERE to schedule an appointment. We will get back to you within one business day.

It depends upon the complexity of the case, but normally it takes about five to nine meetings to cover the lifetime income, tax minimization, asset protection, risk reduction, and estate planning parts of the process. Our goal is to help make sure your plan is right for you. We invite you to come in for a no-cost visit and see what needs to be done so you can enjoy A Safer Retirement™.

Ideally five year before you retire, but any time after that is fine. Some come in even after they have retired to start their plan. Whether you are within 5 years of retirement or currently retired, the best time to come in is now.

A Safer Retirement™

A Plan To Help Give You More Income And More Time