Arrin Wray

Arrin Wray is the Utah based Planner for Decker Retirement Planning. For the last five years, Arrin has worked closely with clients at Decker Retirement Planning to build their retirement plans and structure their portfolios. He also researched and analyzed the principal guaranteed options our clients have access to, to help ensure they always have access to the best available options. He graduated from the University of Utah with a B.S. in Finance.

His goal with every client is to provide value. Every situation is unique, and Arrin strives to understand each person, their needs, and how to best serve them. His focus on holistic retirement planning enables him to help navigate retirement challenges and provide peace of mind for each client.

Arrin was raised in a family of 8 children. He now has 2 of his own, a daughter and a son. He enjoys playing basketball, soccer, and board games. He and his wife, Katie, also make time to get out into the beautiful Utah mountains to hike and mountain bike.